Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

Product Name:Parkside Laptop Backpack
Color:Abyss, Army, Black, Black/Red Devil, Carbon/Molasses, Jet Black, Midway, Nautical, Navy Blue/Black, Pike, Surplus
Dimensions :18.1x11.6x7.3 25L
Materials:Custom Timbuk2 print liner
Worth It?:Like I said in the review, if you are thinking about buying this Timbuk2 design, buy the Q Laptop Backpack instead.
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Review of the Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

The Timbuk 2 Parkside Laptop Backpack is another similar but good option if you are looking for an everyday backpack for work or school. It is very similar to the Timbuk Q backpack in many ways. But still has a few main differences which I will highlight. It is probably Timbuk2’s second most popular backpack.

Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack review

Who can use the Parkside backpack

This backpack is for most people. It’s definitely for men and women. And it can fit everyone unless you are extremely tall or really short.


  • Internal organizer for very small items
  • Secure zip pocket for cash, ear buds, cables, etc.
  • Large main compartment fits books, a coat, or other relatively small items
  • Custom fit strap design to make it a perfect fit for you
  • Ventilated back panel for breathing room on your back
  • Elasticized external pocket for water bottle or u-lock
  • On-strap bottle opener
  • Vista loop for attaching blinky bike lights
  • Internal slip pocket that can fit up to a 15′ laptop

What are the positive features of the Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

Very attractive backpack

You are going to get plenty of compliments on the Parkside backpack because of it’s style. Timbuk2 just makes really attractive backpacks in general.

One water bottle pocket

I like the fact that the water bottle pocket is elasticized and should be able to fit almost all water bottles that are reasonable size.

Comfortable to carry

This isn’t the biggest backpack in the world. It’s really light and feels like it on your back. The shoulder straps are custom fit and so you should be able to adjust them just right to fit your shoulders. This is the #1 part of this backpack that everyone likes. And is one of the main reasons why you should consider buying any backpack.

Flipped zippers

This is done intentionally so that they don’t get stuck when you are zipping the bag shut. The only downside is that this can make the zippers very stiff. It’s a trade off. But I personally like it, because I don’t have to worry about them really ever getting stuck.


I mean it is a cheap price. Currently only $69 on Amazon. I said this with the Timbuk Q backpack and I’ll say this with the Parkside backpack. The quality of this backpack is worth more than it’s price. And that’s another thing you definitely need to take into consideration when looking at the right backpack for yourself.

What are the downsides to this backpack

Water resistant, not waterproof

Most backpacks aren’t totally waterproof. This one isn’t either. But I read some very negative reviews saying that they had problems keeping water outside of their bag. It actually leaked through the zippers. This is definitely a concern.


The bag allows you the freedom to put things where you want them more than most bags. There are less zippers and compartments in this backpack. Some people like this. Other people would prefer to have it setup with tons of zippers and pockets where you know exactly what items should be going where.

Thin shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are relatively thin and you won’t be able to carry to many items on the inside. The good thing is they are sturdy even though they are thin.

No protection for your laptop

This is my biggest gripe with this backpack. No protection for the laptop! Why have a laptop sleeve if you are not going to be able to protect it with padding inside the backpack?

What are the differences between the Timbuk2 Q and Timbuk Parkside?

The Parkside backpack has less height and width, but more depth. And the Q backpack can hold a 17′ laptop compared to the Parkside which can only hold a 15′ laptop. A few other features that the Q has that the Parkside doesn’t are a smart power brick pocket to remember where your cords are and a floating pocket for your sunglasses or other small items. The only other real differences are a few pockets in different places. But overall they are practically the same.

Final Verdict on the Parkside Laptop Backpack

After completing breaking down this backpack and reading other people’s reviews, I believe you should buy the Timbuk Q laptop backpack every time. Why? Because it is cheaper and has the better overall features. The Parkside backpack is still a solid pick as well. But when you have another better option for less money, you should take it every time.

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