Top 12 Billabong Backpacks (Ranked)

Billabong Backpacks are a reliable brand that will give you great quality for the price. Here I give you the top 12 Billabong backpacks currently on the market. I will try my best to keep this post updated in the future.

Top Billabong Backpacks

#12-Billabong Combat Laptop

The Combat Backpack from Billabong is a one size fits all and has a good design to it. The one downside of this backpack is the price. Paying $102 for no real special features is a little high. That is why it is ranked last on this list of best Billabong Backpacks.
Billabong Backpacks - The Combat BackpackBillabong Backpacks - The Combat Backpack side view

#11-Billabong Hand Over Love Printed Backpack

This Billabong Backpack goes for $32 on Amazon currently. It is not sold on Billabong’s website anymore. I don’t like the design print of this style very much at all. But if you are looking for a cheaper backpack and do like the print. It could fit you perfectly.

Billabong Backpacks - The Junior Hand Over LoveBillabongBackpacks - Junior's Hard Over Love Backside

#10-Billabong Junior’s Shallow Tidez Printed

This is the second version of the Junior Billabong Backpacks.  This design is aimed at teens, just like #11.  If you really like the looks of the patterns on this Billabong Teen Backpack, then it is definitely a good buy for $45.  You can find similar backpacks by different companies that look exactly the same and have a lower price though.

Billabong Backpacks - Junior's Shallow Tidez Printed CanvasBillabong Backpacks - Junior's Shallow Tidez Printed Canvas Backside

#9-Billabong Track Pack

This is just your basic looking backpack. It goes for 60$ on Billabong’s website only. It’s just an average backpack. It does have many different colors and designs to choose from though. Check it out.
Billabong Backpacks - Track PackBillabong Backpacks - Track Pack Side

#8-Billabong Men’s All Day Backpack

This is definitely not one of the biggest backpacks that you can find. It is only 17 inches tall. But it is only 12$ on Amazon! If you are looking for a really cheap backpack with a wide variety of colors to choose from, look no further.
Billabong Backpacks - Men's All Day PackBillabong Backpack's - Men's All Day Side View

#7-Billabong Surfplus Wax Pack

This is the beginning of a few backpacks ranked on here that support a surfing lifestyle. This Billabong Backpack is made to be water repellent to the fullest. It goes for $40 on both Amazon and It is the simplest surfing backpack that you will come across that is made my Billabong. This is why it is #7 on this list.

Billabong Backpacks - SurfPlus Wax PackBillabong Backpacks - SurfPlus Wax Pack side view

#6- Billabong Men’s Juggernaut Backpack

The versatility of this Billabong Backpack makes it one of my favorites. You can use it for school, work, the beach, or a travel backpack. It has a wet dry compartment to keep your belongings dry. It comes in three different designs. I really like all three. And it’s reasonably priced! You can get it anywhere from $35-$50, depending on the design you choose. You definitely can’t go wrong with The Juggernaut.
Billabong Backpacks - Men's Juggernaut BackpackBillabong Backpacks - Men's Juggernaut Backpack #2

#5- Billabong Men’s No Comply Backpack

This is a very well made Billabong Backpack that will allow you to carry your laptop easily. It is 18.5 inches tall. It is one of the most comfortable backpacks that Billabong offers. Check out all three of the designs. They are all very appealing.

Billabong Backpacks - Men's No ComplyBillabong Backpacks - Men's No Comply #2

#4- Billabong Flux Surfplus Backpack

This might be my favorite backpack on the list. I like it because of the price of $38. And it also looks like a good surfing backpack, which is what Billabong Backpacks were originally made for. I really like the roll top closure, and the fact that you have many compartments to store things in. You can easily carry your laptop inside as well. The only downside is that Military is the only color. Check it out!

Billabong Backpacks - Flux Surfplus BackpackBillabong Backpacks - Flux SurfPlus Backpack back view

#3- Billabong Ally Surf Pack

How big of a surfer are you? Are you looking for a quality surf backpack at a lower price? This is it. For just $53 on Amazon, The Ally Surf Pack is a steal! You are guaranteed to be able to keep all of your gear dry if you use this backpack while you are surfing.

Billabong Backpacks - Ally Surf PackBillabong Backpacks- Ally Surf Pack back side

#2- Billabong Apex Boa Pack

Billabong has actually given this backpack the distinction of possibly being the “best backpack in the world“. Is it though? They have a good argument. It is made to go through any weather with pretty much any feature you can think of. Check out the product specifications here. They are definitely telling the truth when they say it is made for pretty much any event you want to use it for. It just depends on if you want to spend $300 on a backpack.

Billabong Backpacks - Apex Boa PackBillabong Backpacks - Apex Boa Pack back side

#1- Billabong Men’s Command Backpack

This is Billabong’s best backpack for a few different reasons. The first reason is the price. Currently, it is only $40 on Amazon. You might think this sounds like the rest of the backpacks. This one is different. It is 21 inches high and can carry your laptop. It is easily the most stylish Billabong backpack as well. You can choose from 10 different designs that are all nice looking. And you have tons of room for whatever you need to use it for. While having all of these positives going for it, it is very affordable to the average person as well.

Billabong Backpacks - Men's Command Billabong Backpacks - Men's Command #2

Honorable Mention – Billabong Men’s Java Waistpack

The fanny pack is back! Maybe…….Just thought I would throw this product in there. Despite being a 90’s fad, the fanny pack can give you somewhere extra besides your jeans pockets!

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