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On August 15, 2016
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Released in 2014
Made out of nylon
2 pounds without any items inside
Has Polyvinyl fabric
Can fit a laptop up to 15'
Dimensions - 18.9 x 6.3 x 12.2 inches
Water resistant TPU
Internal Organizer for separating items
Removable Sternum strap
Ventilated Back Panel for back breathing room
Elasticized external side pocket. Perfect for holding a full size water bottle.

The Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack will literally last you for a lifetime.  This laptop backpack has a lifetime warranty stated on Timbuk2.com  With all of the other features included in this backpack, it is definitely worth a review.

Who Is The Timbuk 2 Rogue Backpack For?

This backpack is for both men and women. This is a excellent choice for a laptop backpack that can fit a laptop of up to 17′! It can also be used for traveling for long periods of time, because of the way it is built. This was not the intention for this style of bag, but it just shows you how durable it is made.

Do not purchase this bag if you are shorter than 5’4. This backpack comes in one size.  It can be large on you if you are this height, and can cause a disproportional level of stress on your torso. Here is a look at the product dimensions.

Timbuk 2 Product Dimensions

Pro’s Of The Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

There are quite a few good aspects of this backpack. Here are some reasons why you should buy this particular design for everyday use.

Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

  • Water Resistant – This design is basically waterproof.  If it is pouring down rain, then of course it’s going to get wet. But if it’s a light shower, this backpack can stay relatively dry for a long period of time.
  • Laptop Compartment – The laptop compartment is a mesh pocket on the inside of the bag. The positives about this compartment is that it stops around 2-3 inches from the bottom of the backpack. If you were to set down your backpack roughly, it’s not going to touch the ground because of the structuring of this compartment. On their website, it is stated that it can only fit up to a 15′ laptop. However, you can fit a laptop sometimes up to 17′, and 18′ if you put it in the main compartment. I would recommend sticking with the laptop compartment though, because it sits a few inches off the ground.
  • Cushion at the bottom– If for some reason you need to stick your laptop in the main compartment, there is still a 1.5 inch cushion at the bottom of the backpack. You aren’t totally out of luck if you accidentally set it down roughly on a hard surface.
  • Sternum Straps– You have the functionality of sternum straps that fit across your chest, that you can use to help distribute weight better overall. Some people love them, other people do not use them at all.
  • Strong Velcro – The Velcro on the straps is not the type of Velcro that is going to wear and then completely stop working, like other cheap backpacks.
  • Padding on the shoulder straps – The padding on the shoulder straps is exceptional.
  • Durability – One of the most durable products on the market.  You can use this laptop backpack over and over and not have to worry about the stitching coming out or any of the straps breaking.
  • Elastic straps on one side pocket – The elastic strap allows you to carry a full size water bottle comfortably.
  • Price – If you buy the Black style, it is only $59.25. That is a VERY low price for such a quality backpack.
  • Cross-use – You can use this backpack for traveling, going to school, work, or just walking around the city. Unless you do something drastic to cause wear, you are going to be able to use this backpack for 5-10 years easily. If not, send it back!

Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

Cons Of The Timbuk 2 Rogue

Unfortunately, like every other backpack, this one has some cons as well.  Here are some things to consider before purchasing this design. Some of the negatives about this backpack also vary from person to person, depending on a few different factors.

  • Not waterproof – I mentioned earlier that this backpack does pretty good in the rain. But it still is not waterproof. If it is pouring outside, there is a chance it could get the inside a little wet.
  • Too big on some people – If you are a smaller person, this backpack won’t fit you period. Not only is it going to look weird on you, but it is going to kill your back! Stay clear if you are 5’3-5’4 or under.
  • Pockets are to small/limited amount of pockets – This is one of the main complaints you will hear, and you might agree with, if you purchase this backpack. Their are really only 3 decent sized pockets. The other smaller pocket is for your keys, wallet, passport, etc. However, other people like that it is easy to use, and you have a ton of space on the inside to put a large amount of items.
  • Sometimes hard to hit the sweet spot – You might have trouble configuring the straps to make it a comfortable fit on yourself. It can get quite annoying trying to readjust and never really getting it to fit perfectly. I’m not sure if it is the different structure of some people’s bodies, but this happens sometimes with this design. There are so many factors that go into a backpack fitting right (height, torso length, hip measurement), that it is hard to pinpoint why this happens for some people. It is a one size fits all backpack.
  • Breathability between back and backpack – The Timbuk 2 Rogue is supposed to have great breathability between the backpack and your back. Depending on what you are doing, this might not be the case. If you are going on a long bike ride in a hot climate, then you are definitely going to sweat a ton on your back.  To the backpack’s defense, I don’t believe this is totally the designs fault.

Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack Backside
These cons are highly variable depending on the person that is going to be using the backpack. But I would definitely take them into consideration.  
Timbuk 2 Rogue Water Bottle

Do I Recommend The Timbuk 2 Rogue Laptop Backpack?

I like to be as honest as possible with any product I review.  I can’t stand product reviews that sugarcoat everything.  So here is my take.

Personally, I really like this backpack a lot. The only drawbacks are the style and the lack of pockets.   I don’t think it is the most attractive bag. And I like to have many pockets on my backpack, because I carry a wide variety of items.

But, I would buy this bag for a few reasons. You are getting an EXTREMELY good price for a backpack that has a lifetime warranty, and you can pick other colors. Some of the other colors go for $79, but they are more attractive in my opinion. You are getting a backpack that you can carry a ton of items and it protects your laptop quite well.  You can also use this backpack to travel and for doing some light hiking as well. You don’t have to worry about purchasing another specialized backpack for hiking/traveling.  Unlike the Invisible Bag, I highly recommend that you purchase this laptop backpack. You can go through this link to purchase the Timbuk 2 Rogue through Amazon (eligible for prime membership) or from Timbuk2.com.
A few other products that you might take a look at from Timbuk 2 are the Parkside Laptop Backpack and the Timbuk 2 Q Laptop Backpack.

If you want a demonstration of how the Rogue Laptop Backpack can be utilized, check out the video below.

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