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On December 29, 2016
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- Synthetic
-1 Main Compartment
- Stylish compared to other Jansport backpacks
- Many pockets
- 15' laptop pocket
- Can cross over to short-term travel
- Tablet Pocket / Organizer Panel / Phone Holder
- Adjustable straps
- Decent price
- Will never get overly heavy

Out of all the Jansport school backpacks, this design will take care of your needs for going to school.  I have researched the top Jansport backpacks for school in order to present the best one possible.  I have looked at other reviews, seen some Jansports backpacks in person, and have an excellent idea of which one will make life easier for you.

The backpack you need for school is the Jansport Hatchet Backpack.

Jansport School Backpacks - Gray Hatchet Backpack

Grey Tar

Jansport School Backpacks - Red Hatchet Backpack

Red Tape

Jansport School Backpacks - Multi-Navy Women's Hatchet Backpack

Multi Navy Mountain Meadow

Jansport School Backpacks - Hatchet Black Camo Fade

Black Camo Fade

Why is it the Best Out Of All The Jansport School Backpacks?

A Beautiful Backpack

I looked at a ton of Jansport backpacks. Most of them look pretty similar. This one looked very unique compared to the rest. It only has 4 designs. But there are options for both men and women. And I really think it is a beautifully made backpack. I have always thought that most Jansport backpacks look the exact same. And it was always a turn off. Until I came across this one.

Holds a 15′ laptop

Some Jansport backpacks do not have the storage for even a laptop. This one has laptop storage while not being to big for carrying all of your books and school supplies.
Jansport School Backpacks - Hatchet Backpack Inside View

Water Bottle Storage

If you like to bring water with you to class, you can fit a 1 L water bottle in the side pockets. By the end of this review, you might realize that this is actually a cross over backpack that you can use for trips, hiking, or any day trip you desire.
Jansport School Backpacks - Hatchet Backpack Side View

Tons of Pockets

Another advantage of this backpack over other Jansport backpacks is the amount of pockets. You have pockets for pretty much anything you need. Some reviews I read stated that there might even be too many pockets! It’s great because you can have places for school supplies, your wallet and phone, and other accessories.


There are occasional reviews that say the bag broke pretty quickly after they bought it. But you have to consider that some people probably throw it around pretty good. You can only expect a backpack to last as long as you take care of it. Especially a backpack that is under $100. The majority of reviews say that it is very durable and they have been using it for a wide variety of endeavors.


This backpack will work for traveling short-term as well. It’s not like the Osprey Aether 70, which I reviewed. But it will allow you to pack a few clothes and a few items that you will need for a few days. And it definitely works to take to your job, like school.

Better than other Jansport Backpacks

If you are going to buy a Jansport backpack, then I know it’s a tough choice. They all look the same! This one sticks out because of it’s slim look, savvy design, and all of the features it comes with. All of the other Jansport designs I have researched are mostly about the same. This is the BEST Jansport school backpack. It’s not the best school backpack out of all brands. But if you are going to buy a Jansport, stick with this one.

Jansport School Backpacks - Hatchet Black Camo Side View

Are there any Negatives of the Jansport Hatchet Backpack

The only negative that I see is that for some people spending between $60-70 bucks is not what they are looking for. They want to spend in the $30 range. If you really want the best Jansport backpack though, spending a little extra should definitely be doable. And you get everything you need in a good school backpack that should last for a couple of years at least.

If you are looking for specifics, I would definitely say that the Gray is my favorite color of the four available on Amazon. For both men and women. But women can also get the Multi Navy Mountain Meadow design as well. Take a look. I think you will be satisfied if you decide to go with this over the rest of the Jansport school backpacks.  If you are looking for other options,, definitely check out our Top 100 Vintage Backpack Reviews.  You can also check out my recent reviews of the Top 12 Billabong Backpacks.

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