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On July 25, 2016
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*%100 nylon
*Comes in Black, Gray, Red, and Moss
*15' shoulder drop, 18' high, 9.5' wide
*One interior pocket, 5 exterior pockets
*Airflow channels engineered into the compression molded back channel
*Padded shoulder straps with multiple adjustment provide customized fit and stable support
*Easily fit 15' laptop in fur padded laptop compartment
*Claims to be Incase designs best backpack they have ever made

Incase Icon Backpack – “The Best Backpack We Have Ever Made”

The Incase Icon Backpack has drawn a ton of attention over the last couple of years.  College students and Professionals love this Incase design because of the functionality it serves for carrying your laptop, ipad, chargers, iphone, and basically any other electronic.

Incase designs their backpacks to be compact, durable, and functional.  Everything is made with intent.  The pockets are put in places where they actually serve a purpose.  Don’t worry either, when the backpack is completely full, it still holds it’s shape.  Their is a reason it is the “best backpack Incase has ever made”.

Incase Icon Backpack Black -

Perfect Laptop Backpack For Work Or School

You are going to be comfortable using this backpack for either work or school.  And it is very surprising when you see the size of this pack, the amount of items that you can fit inside of it!

The area surrounding your laptop has a fur padding that will support your laptop from getting hit by other items you decide to carry inside.  This is a very nice feature, as most backpacks are made with little padding between your laptop and other items.  This Incase design really took that into consideration.

This backpack also stands up on it’s own.  This feature is perfect for traveling or sitting in class.  As long as you have a little weight inside of the compartments, it will be able to stand up.  This allows you to keep from leaning your backpack against things to keep it upright, and allows you to keep it clean.

The style of this backpack is on another level.  You can see how professional it looks in the pictures.  It looks as good as it’s functionality!

Incase Icon Backpack - Top View- VintageBackpacks.Net

Here are the rest of the Pro’s of the Incase Icon Pack

  • Extremely durable – I don’t own the Incase Icon Pack, but I have tested it out.  One guy stated in another review, he had owned an Incase Icon Backpack for 7 years, and it was still in excellent condition!
  • Organization – Comes with a front compartment and a main compartment, as well as a top fur pocket, where you can store your cell phone or sunglasses.  It is very simple to remove your laptop from the bag with the side zipper, and easily keep everything in the right places.
  • Zippers – Very durable zippers that are not going to get stuck easily.
  • Convenient hip side pockets
  • Top handle is very padded – One review stated he actually uses it to relieve stress during the work day.
  • Functional – Wide double padded straps make it very comfortable on your shoulders.
  • Weight – Lightweight whether you are carrying a full bag or nothing at all.

Incase Icon Backpack Open - VintageBackpacks.Net

What Are the Cons Of This Incase Backpack?

This particular Incase design needs to work on the padding for a laptop in the bottom.  You will have to be careful when you are sitting the backpack down, because the lack of good padding could cause damage to your laptop.

The size could be a little larger with this style of backpack as well.  Multiple people have said that it is too small, in a few different ways.  One reviewer mentioned that he has a fairly large chest size, and that the backpack didn’t fit him at all.   I suggest you take a look at the product dimensions before buying the Icon Backpack, to make sure that you will not have any trouble with it fitting you.  The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Vintage Backpack explains how to measure your torso length, so that you can determine what size backpack fits you.

The other reviews all stated that they wish it had more space.  They like the compactness, but they still need more space for their work items.

Here are some other minor con’s FYI

  • Interior is the same color as exterior – Everything blends in when the inside is the same color as the outside.  Which makes it difficult sometimes to find your items quickly.  This happens more particularly with the black version Incase design.
  • Not waterproof
  • Price – Since this Incase Backpack came out, the price has dropped by $72 on Amazon!  So it is not as expensive as it once was, however it still is $128.  On the flip side, it’s definitely worth it!
  • Pockets aren’t as deep as they could be
  • Can’t hold a water bottle in the side pocket (can hold a Dasani water bottle)

Incase Icon Backpack-Moss-VintageBackpacks.Net

Where Can You Purchase The Incase Icon Backpack

Their are two places that you can purchase this well made incase design.  You can still purchase it at, or you can purchase it on Amazon (direct link).  The difference is, on Amazon you are going to get the cheaper price that I have listed in the summary of $128.

Final Verdict On The Incase Icon Backpack

I highly recommend it.  I loved it when I tested it out!  You can tell it was made very quality and will be long lasting.  And some people might say it is too expensive, but you are really getting a steal now that it has been out for a while.  Sure, you can stick with some cheaper vintage backpacks, but I really think the Pro’s definitely outweigh the cons with this laptop backpack.

Let me know what you think below, if you have purchased this backpack.  Did it meet your expectations?  Was it worth it?  Hopefully, my review gave you some insight on what to expect, and if this is the right backpack for you.
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