5 Stylish Vegan Leather Backpacks

Being conscious of the type of material that products are made out of is a huge factor in what some people buy. Not everyone just buys a backpack without even thinking about what went into producing that product. A good example are vegan leather backpacks.

And so you might not even know what a vegan leather backpack means. Isn’t leather…..leather? Not exactly.

What is Vegan Leather

Real leather is made from the by products of animals that have been killed in factories and the remains are going to be either used or thrown away.

Vegan leather is made from man-made chemicals and usually will have a stronger scent than real leather. I found a very in-depth article that talks about exactly the process of how vegan leather is made if you are interested in learning more about it. I’m not going to get to in depth before I list 5 of the most stylish vegan leather backpacks I have found from researching.

Pros and Cons of Vegan Leather Backpacks

One of the biggest complaints I have heard about vegan leather is that it can smell really bad! The process of making the vegan leather can also produce more pollution in the atmosphere than regular leather.

The pros are that you are not taking an animals life so that a human can use their hide for a product. If this means a lot to you then you are definitely going to want to check out the vegan leather backpacks below.

5 stylish vegan leather backpacks

Women’s Black Vegan Leather Backpack

This vegan leather backpack comes from LAwholesaler and is only $39.99. This is an excellent price for vegan leather as some other top brands actually charge more for vegan leather than real leather. It comes in all black.
Women's Black stylish backpack- Vegan Leather Backpacks

Laptop Backpack In Dark Brown Vegan Leather

This vegan leather backpack is a steal as you are saving $40 off the regular retail price. It can fit a laptop and is great for day to day activities such as school and work.
Brown Laptop backpack - Vegan Leather Backpacks

Mason Backpack

Made of high quality full-grain leather. Comes in 4 different colors. I personally think that the White and Gold looks the best. This backpack is a little bit more expensive, but is still very stylish.

Mason- Vegan Leather Backpacks

Hoxis Fashion Faux Leather Backpack

One of the most popular vegan leather backpacks I have come across. Very cheap as well.
Hoxis -Vegan Leather Backpacks

Focused Space The Departure Backpack

This is my favorite of ALL vegan leather backpacks if I am going by looks. But if you look on amazon, you can also see that it has a very high rating and it goes for a reasonable price. Definitely check out this backpack if you are into vegan leather.
Focused Space- Vegan Leather Backpacks

If vegan leather backpacks are not your thing, than make sure you check out our list of over 100 vintage backpacks on this site. We have broken down every one of the backpacks and let you know if they are actually worth purchasing.

Or make sure you check out our blog for other articles on a wide range of vintage backpacks!

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