10 Reasons To Buy The UooBag KT-01 Laptop Backpack

The UooBag KT-01 is definitely one of the top laptop backpacks on the market. You can search around and try to find better backpacks with more quality, but you are going to have a hard time finding any better deals. It combines all of the main aspects that any consumer would like in an everyday backpack. Here are the ten reasons you should buy the UooBag KT-01 Business Laptop Backpack.

UooBag Frontside

Ten Reasons To Buy The UooBag KT-01

Everything On This Backpack Is Quality Made

This laptop backpack is made out of Ballistic 210 D Nylon and is tear proof. You also have breathable padding for your back and upper body.
This is a huge plus for me. Figuring out how well a backpack will feel when I have it on is definitely a make or break detail.  Price, style, and space are a close second. But I like to know how I am going to feel. You are guaranteed to feel comfortable with the extra cushion on the UooBag KT-01!

UooBag Side Pockets

The UooBag KT-01 has two side pockets that are elastic, which allows them to extend outward, to carry items such as umbrellas or water bottles.
Let me get this straight. You can fit your umbrella in a side pocket? Nice! And there are two pockets?

UooBag Side View

Security For Your Laptop

Do you ever worry that your laptop could get stolen out of your backpack? This is one of the top features that I really like about this design. The laptop pocket is set in the cushion of the backpack. If someone was trying to actually steal the laptop from you, they would literally have to steal the whole backpack first.

UooBag Laptop 1

Dedicated Pockets For Accessories

Wondering where you should put all of your accessories in the UooBag? You will find that there are actually dedicated pockets inside the backpack that show you exactly where certain accessories should go.   This allows you know without a doubt that you are putting your phone, tablets, wallet, batteries, etc. in the correct space. You know that you are utilizing the layout correctly.

UooBag Accessories

Made Water Repellent

Water repellent means that it is going to resist water for the most part. So you don’t have to worry about your internal items getting wet.

It’s very lightweight

You will never feel bogged down when carrying this backpack.  It is very light by itself.

Comfortable Back Padding

If you decide to sprint with this laptop backpack on (not sure why you would), you still don’t have to worry about your body taking a beating from the internal items. It has dedicated back padding and shoulder padding. You can be comfortable wearing the backpack doing any kind of activity for the most part.

UooBag Back Padding

Give Me More Space!

Some backpacks you receive and are astonished by the lack of space. You look at the pictures and you think there will be plenty of room for EVERYTHING. It is the opposite with the UooBag KT-01. When you receive the backpack, you will be amazed at how much extra space there is.

UooBag Inside View

$200 Won’t Get You A More Quality Backpack

This backpack goes for around $45. You can go out and find backpacks like the OGIO NEWT 15, and not get this kind of quality. I actually really like the OGIO backpack, but you are getting more quality for half the price with the UooBag.

UooBag Standing Up

The functionality Of The UooBag

If you compare this laptop backpack with the a few of the Swiss Gear models, in my opinion the UooBag is all around better. Not only are getting just as good functionality, but for a cheaper price.

Thinking About Buying The UooBag?

There is a ton to like about the UooBag KT-01.  If you are interested in checking out more individual reviews or would like to purchase this bag, I recommend buying it from Amazon.

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